Strictly No Junk Mail & No Advertising Mail - 10cm x 4.5cm

Tiger Laser Cutting & Engraving


Strictly No Junk Mail & No Advertising Mail-10cm x 4.5cm


Stop Junk Mail, Advertising Mail, Catalogs and Pamphlets  from filling up your physical mailbox by placing one of these signs on your letterbox. Not only will it stop you from getting junk mail, you will be also helping the environment.

Product Description

  • This engraved plastic sign is made from the highest quality acrylic.
  • Is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and is UV stable and resistant to wind and weather. 
  • This sign is 1.6 mm thick
  • Is manufactured from a plastic laminate in two layers, the top providing the sign colour and the bottom the text colour.
  • Size is 10cm wide by 4.5cm high - The perfect size for all letterboxes.
  • A wide variety of colours available with 28 colour varieties currently in stock.
  • Supplied with a high quality, weatherproof double sided adhesive. This will stick to a flat and clean surface. If the surface is dirty and unable to be cleaned properly, then please apply glue to the sign before adhering to the letterbox.

NOTE: These are not stickers, vinyl, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper or Wood.